A Special Order poster is a poster we currently do not have on our site but that we can acquire for you from one of our sources. It can also be a poster that is somewhere in our warehouse that we have not listed yet. Please call Steve or email us with what you want and we will try to find one for you. Usually we can obtain a poster within a few days, although sometimes it can take longer.

When we sell a poster from our inventory we remove the buy notice and replace it with a Special Order link.

If there is a price listed next to Special Order please be aware that if we do find the poster for you the price may not be that listed price as price is also determined by the poster condition and the sellers wishes.

Please be aware that the MINIMUM amount for a Special Order request will be $400.00.

To place a special order, please contact us with the title you want. We will find one for you and show you an actual picture and give you a detailed description of its condition. We will also give you a firm price. If this is acceptable, and you would like us to acquire it, we will ask you to pay for it in advance and then we will get it for you. Please be aware that special orders are not immediate and may take a few days or longer. When we receive the poster we will carefully inspect it to make sure the description was accurate and then we will ship it to you.

Special Order posters can be returned for any reason, however we will issue you FULL CREDIT ONLY towards the purchase of another poster or posters from us. No cash refunds are allowed for Special Orders.

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