We can arrange for proper framing of 1 Sheet and smaller posters. Please call for more details.

Having your collectible movie posters framed correctly is crucial in order to preserve them. Most long time collectors have learned the hard way NOT to trust their local frame shop. The first thing most of them want to do is dry mount them or use sticky tape on the back. (They ruin or decrease the value of posters 90% of the time). Sometimes, they put the posters behind glass which can severely damage the poster in many ways. Posters are best put behind non-glare UV protected Plexiglas.


For a poster valued at less than $500.00 we have no problem shipping it framed and we will reimburse you or replace it if it gets damaged.

For posters valued over $500.00:

We are hesitant about shipping very valuable framed posters.

We strongly recommend that you contact us and request that your valuable poster and custom frame be shipped separately. Both will be shipped fully insured so there is zero risk. It is very easy to place your poster in our frame.

The reason for this is because no matter how carefully we manage to package and secure our frames, sometimes things happen.

Please understand that if you use our framing services for a very valuable poster and you want us to ship it to you framed we will NOT be responsible if damage occurs during shipping.

If you want us to ship a very valuable framed poster to you IT IS AT YOUR OWN RISK.

This only applies to framed posters. All posters that are shipped unframed are always fully insured against any damage or loss.

Satin Black 1″ Aluminum

1/8 inch genuine Non-glare UV filtered Plexiglas. Protects from sunlight/fading damage. Will NOT stick to the face of the poster (sometimes GLASS can, but not Plexiglas).

Available in any size up to 31″x46″

Sorry, we can’t ship framed posters any larger than that.

Acid-free archival backing. The highest quality available, much superior to regular foam core.

Custom quality.

Wired and ready to hang.

The frame will be custom cut to fit your poster or linen backed poster at no extra charge.

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