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This is Steve Olson, the owner of AAA Vintage Posters. I bought my first poster about 20 years ago. It was a window card from Bonnie and Clyde. The art was a great image of Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty laughing hysterically in a car behind a bullet splattered windshield. But it was the tag line that got me to buy the poster- “They’re young…They’re in love…and they kill people.” So romantic.

I didn’t buy another poster until about 10 years ago when I bought about 20,000 in two years (no, really, I’m not obsessive).  When available square footage became a problem I enlisted a screenwriter friend (Michael/Patrick Tupy) to help me sell many of my posters. I really didn’t want to get a Lifetime Achievement Award on Hoarders. Mr Tupy has recently moved on to hopeful fame and fortune as a writer but I am expanding the business and hope as the owner to provide the same personal service Mr. Tupy so ably provided.

Posters from my personal collection are on permanent exhibit at the Armer Theater inside the Cal. State Northridge (CSUN) Campus and we have another exhibit honoring the Hollywood Foreign Press Assoc. (Golden Globes) currently at CSUN . My posters are also annually exhibited at Java Jazz Festival, the largest annual Jazz festival in the world, and my posters have been featured four times the popular History Channel show “Pawn Stars” . In fact, four of my posters are prominently displayed on their office walls.

We have been fortunate to sell to many famous collectors, dealers, educators and people in the movie industry including —

Professors and educators from: Harvard, NYU, Purdue, Stanford, University of Chicago, USC, UCLA, BYU, Cal. Tech and many more.

Famous poster dealers such as: Walterfilm (Walter Reuben), The Last Moving Picture Company (Morris Everett), Posteritati (Sam Sarowitz), Ralph DeLuca.com, Dominique Besson, and Movie Poster Bid (Rich Helegua).

Other notable customers —

The Humphrey Bogart Estate
James Cameron
Jim Gresham
The Laemmle family (Founded Universal Studios)
Toy Museum of Singapore
The Packard Museum
Riza Aziz (producer)
Ron Borst
The Rothschild Family of France
Separate Cinema
Tony Scott
Eddie Mueller- the Czar of Noir
Robin and Robin Lopez- 14 feet of poster collectors
The Gloria Swanson Archives
Heinz History Center
Randy Tuten- master poster artist
Gettysburg Museum
Jonathan Demme
Tony Anselmo- somewhat of a quack
Various employees of The Academy for Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Scott Macqueen
John Tefteller- record collector extrordinaire
Frederick Friedel

Since 2008 I have sold 15,800 posters and probably bought another 5,000. At heart I am more of a collector than a seller and bring that mentality to my business. I know from first hand dealings which dealers are fair to their customers and which ones you need to be careful of. I will always try to make a transaction good for the buyer and never want to become a seller like the few who have vexed me through the years.

Soon I will be photographing my personal collection and will put the photos on my site. My collection does not rival the great collections some of my friends and customers have amassed over the years but I would imagine even the most jaded collector would find some posters of mine to be unique and worthwhile.

Please contact me with any questions or poster desires you have and if you are around Huntington Beach I would be pleased to give you a tour of my house and the 230 posters I currently have on my nail-riddled walls.

Regards and good hunting,

Steve Olson

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