Through Shadowed Vales (1912) 39” x 30” British Movie Poster

Through Shadowed Vales (1912) 39” x 30” British Movie Poster


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Film Description: Roy Erlynne, a young husband, is a sport. His wife, reared in puritanical surroundings disapproves of the society butterfly friends that flock to his elaborate dinners. She is essentially a home body. This displeases him and he draws comparisons with the ladies of their set. They are not strict teetotalers as his wife. They are not averse to a game of bridge for rather high stakes. They do not object to their husbands having all night poker parties. In short he tells her that he is displeased with her narrow ideas. One night at a banquet given by him in her honor he, after long persuasion, insists that she drink a glass of wine. He is obeyed, but with such poor grace that he is further angered at her. That night he dreams that the first glass has made her a drunkard, that he has been discovered embezzling at his bank and hurries home for her to fly with him only to learn that she has eloped with his best friend. He disappears in the whirlpool of a great city. He is a tattered, bearded outcast begging for a drink. She is an even more pitiable object, and, is about to seek refuge in the river when he finds her and is appalled at the wreck he made her. Then he awakes and hurries to her room and he tells her she was right and that he will never drink again.

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