Thanhouser “Now Watch the Professor” (France, 1912) 40″ x 29.5” London Movie Poster

Thanhouser “Now Watch the Professor” (France, 1912) 40″ x 29.5” London Movie Poster


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Prof. Gregg arrived in New York on a liner at a time when news was very light, which explains why the reporters gave big displays to the fact that Gregg was returning with rare antique jewels which he had unearthed abroad. He also had a vast collection of other antiques, and the value of his belongings was set at an enormous figure. The accounts were read with great interest by a number of persons, including a gentleman whose fingerprints and photograph were highly treasured by the police of many cities. It struck him that the professor was far too wealthy, and he determined to see if they could not do business together. So he evolved a neat little plan whereby he hoped to meet the professor and the jewels. The professor received word that a mummy was to be sent to him for inspection, in the hope that he would buy it. It arrived on schedule time, but he did not have much time to inspect it. For the mummy, who was the before-mentioned light-fingered individual, climbed out of his case, swatted the professor, and assisted by the expressman, bound and gagged him, then interred him in the case, and sent him away. The professor spent a few unhappy hours a prisoner in a dirty room, then he managed to free himself, and started back toward his hotel. On the way he met a newsboy, and hearing him crying out, “All about the Smuggler,” he bought a paper. It interested him to read that Prof. Gregg had been captured in his hotel room on a charge of bringing in valuables without notifying the customs authorities. His admiration of speedy metropolitan justice was intensified on learning that his substitute had been arrested, tried and convicted within two hours, and was already beginning to enjoy a six-months’ sentence. That the prisoner refused to tell the police where the gems were hidden also pleased the professor. The substitute was moodily brooding in his cell; he had been afraid to tell the police he was not the professor, for if he proved it he would convict himself of burglary, which meant a long sentence up the river. Still, although he had saved time for himself, he was far from being cheerful. Then a message arrived from the outer world. It was from Prof. Gregg. He explained that he had sold all his antiques before the substitute arrived, and he thanked the latter warmly for representing him at the roll call of the city prison. The substitute thought of the professor, who had told him he was now on the ocean, headed for a pleasure trip in Europe. The substitute was a strong, coarse man, but he wept. Then he removed his false white whiskers, part of the disguise the police had not penetrated, and cursed.

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