Serenaden (Serenade) (DEN, 1921) Danish 24.75″ x 37″ Movie Poster LB


Serenaden (Serenade) (DEN, 1921) Danish 24.75″ x 37″ Movie Poster LB


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George Walsh (March 16, 1889 – June 13, 1981) was an American personality in the early decades of the 20th Century. An all-around athlete, who became an actor and later returned to sport, he enjoyed 40 years of notoriety and was a performer with dual appeal, with women loving his sexy charm and men appreciating his manly bravura.

Known variously as “the Laughing Athletic Thunderbolt,” “the Apollo of the Silver Sheet,” “the Screen’s Greatest Athlete” and “the King of Smiles”, Walsh’s movie career stretched from the start of true US film-making to the Golden Era (20 years) during which time he was featured in approximately 80 productions. He was attached to such studios as Mutual, Chadwick, Triangle, Fox, Universal, Goldwyn, United Artists, and Paramount.

Walsh proved himself at Reliance/Majestic on the west coast and moved to the newly established Fox Film Corporation on the east coast, becoming a serious rival to Douglas Fairbanks there, as well as a national and international star. His output for the studio was characterized by daring stunts, fights, dramatic pursuits, and happy endings with his female co-stars. He also perfected his comedy timing and learned how to get laughs, though it was far from amusing when he quarreled with William Fox about his salary and departed towards the end of 1920. Two years of ups and downs followed which included Serenade (1921), alongside his sister-in-law, Miriam Cooper; varied personal appearances; vaudeville; an unpleasant divorce trial; and an 18-episode historical serial, entitled With Stanley in Africa (1922).

Condition: Overall displays in Excellent condition – Linen Backed

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