Rebecca (United Artists, r-1956) US Insert 14″ x 36″ Movie Poster

Rebecca (United Artists, r-1956) US Insert 14″ x 36″ Movie Poster


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Rebecca (1956)

The plot has the requisite darker elements of an episode of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” ? the TV show that ran from ?55 to ?62 on which Hitchcock could freely indulge his demons, having the clout by then ? all nicely ladled into what appears a Hitchcock-designed broth. Joan Fontaine plays ?the second Mrs. de Winter,? who marries Laurence Olivier?s Maxim de Winter. The latter had a wife named Rebecca whom he was supposedly deeply in love with who died. He?s apparently still in love with her, obsessed with her, even, and his new bride doubts his affection for her, thinking she’s just a replacement for a true love, a wife as figurehead for that which cannot truly be replaced. In a nice Hawthorne-esque flourish, the letter R is on seemingly everything, including the doors to the master bedroom, to help get our newlyweds in a most creep-tastic mood for their dalliances.

Starring: Lawrence Olivier, Joan Fontaine. Director: Alfred Hitchcock.

Notes: Hitcock’s first stateside picture!

Condition: Overall displays in Very Good to Excellent condition – Folded.

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