Notron Bombasini (Holland, 1964) 15.5″ x 21.75″ Movie Poster

Notron Bombasini (Holland, 1964) 15.5″ x 21.75″ Movie Poster


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Notron Bombasini (Holland, 1964) 15.5″ x 21.75″ Movie Poster

The neutron bomb was discovered by physicist Samuel Cohen in 1958 . Despite initial opposition from US President John F. Kennedy in 1963, an underground test was conducted in Nevada. The development of the next president, Jimmy Carter, remained in 1978, but was postponed due to protests. The production began in 1981 during the period of President Ronald Reagan . Three types of ERW weapons were produced in the USA. The mid-range WR66 battle title anti-ICBM Sprint festival was held in mid-1970s. Then the short-range W70 Mod 3 warhead and the W79 Mod 0 tactical bug were developed as types of neutron bombs.

The last two types were demolished at the end of the cold war in 1992 during George W. Bush’s time and removed from use in 2003. The 1999 “Cox Report” mentions the possibility of producing neutron bombs in China.

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