Mlle. Bob Walter (France, 1895) Circus Poster 29.75″ x 45.5″

Mlle. Bob Walter (France, 1895) Circus Poster 29.75″ x 45.5″


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Mlle. Bob Walter (France, 1895)

Artist: ALFRED CHOUBRAC (1853-1902) Art Nouveau Roaring and mesmerized lions fly around a sensuous nude, dancing erotically in diaphanous gowns a fantasy? No, this was a fairly accurate rendition of evenings at the Theatre de la Gait in the 1890s whenever Bob and Marck came to town. You read the legend right: Madamoiselle Bob Walter was the erotic nude in question. Born in French Algeria as Baptistine Dupre, she moved to Paris when her parents died, took the stage name “Bob” for reasons we cannot fathom, and sang, recited poetry, and performed a “Serpentine Dance” a la Lore Fuller ? but inside a cage of lions held at bay by lion-tamer Georges Marck. Bob’s stage career ended after a caustic newspaper review, when she cornered the critic in the street and bloodied his face with her key ring. Never one to stand still, she then turned to auto racing.

Condition: Overall displays in Excellent condition – Linen Backed.

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