Journee Du Poilu ‘Day of The Hairy’ (France, 1915) 29.5″ x 46″.6 WW1 Poster


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Journee Du Poilu ‘Day of The Hairy’ (France, 1915) 29.5″ x 46″.6 WW1 Poster

The French in the Great War

The battle of the Marne, at the beginning of September 1914, welds the French behind their fighters. However, the belief that war was inevitable was not followed by any other effect than the psychological conditioning of the populations. Unpreparedness logistically disputes the impossible prediction of the outcome of a conflict where huge masses of men are crushed. At the end of 1914, the war of movement gave way to the war of position, symbolized by the burial of enemy armies in systems of trenches facing each other. Now lasting, daily, non-heroic, this long war imposes the mobilization of the whole of society and leads to the sacralisation of the figure of hairy.

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