Don’t Bother To Knock (1952) 19″ x 14.5” Belgian Movie Poster

Don’t Bother To Knock (1952) 19″ x 14.5” Belgian Movie Poster


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“Troublez-Moi Ce Soir” translated to Trouble Me Tonight (USA, 1952) Richard Widmark and Marylyn Monroe
Roy Ward Baker’s film
Scenario: Daniel Taradash, based on a Charlotte Armstrong novel. Picture: Lucien Ballard. Music: Lionel Newman. 75 minutes. NB. VO. With Marilyn Monroe: Nell. Richard Widmark: Jed. Anne Bancroft: Lyn.
This modest production of 20th Century Fox has entered the history of cinema by the big door: the first “real” role of Marilyn Monroe, the beginning of her star and future star career, is Trouble Me Tonight . Each plan on it distils here a particular emotion, regardless of the quality of the whole, which is not so bad.
A frail gray figure in a big hotel is Nell, a young woman who came to nurse one evening. As soon as Little Bunny’s parents leave, Nell borrows Madame’s dress and jewels and turns into a vamp. Attracted by this show, which he follows from the building opposite, a man joins her …
Everything is based on the number of Marilyn transformist, very erased and very spectacular, but also wise and unreasonable and finally crazy to link. It was to prove that the little blonde had the temper of a great actress composition. The proof is made, but in a rather strange way: Marilyn sometimes gives the feeling that she takes herself to the game more than she controls it. But this trouble is obviously welcome. And the couple she trains with Richard Widmark has an amazing ability to raise the tension.

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