Die Jagd Mach Dem Glvck Der Wunderfilm (Germany) 49.5” x 39” Movie Poster

Die Jagd Mach Dem Glvck Der Wunderfilm (Germany) 49.5” x 39” Movie Poster


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The Hunt for Happiness is the title of a German feature film that the stage designer and director Rochus Gliese realized in 1929/1930 for a screenplay he had written with Lotte Reiniger and Carl Koch for the Berlin-based Comenius Film GmbH. The film was internationally cast with Russian actor Alexander Murski , American Amy Wells and Frenchmen Jean Renoir and Catherine Hessling , with whom Reiniger and Koch were also friends privately. “The Hunt for Happiness” was the screen debut for the German stage actress Hilde Körber .

The film contains animated shadow play scenes, which the cartoon specialist Berthold Bartosch has executed with silhouettes by Lotte Reiniger.

The game in game “consists of a series of 16 short episodes that show a man in various ways in the pursuit of happiness. In one of these episodes, fortune, symbolized by a beautiful woman with a cornucopia from which she impartially distributes flowers as favors, enters a circus and rides bareback in front of the spectators, to show that she accomplishes without effort, to which other years of Training is needed. ”
Cleaner and Koch also assisted Gliese in the direction of sound when the film, which had still begun in 1929, was to be re-toned ; he came out in 1930 as a sound film.

“Just as Glieke’s film deals with the demise of an obsolete technique that is being replaced by a new one, he himself stood at the transition from silent to sound film.”
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