Bad Company “Marriage Was Her Mistake” Helen Twelvetrees (USA,1931) Window Card Pre-Code

Bad Company “Marriage Was Her Mistake” Helen Twelvetrees (USA,1931) Window Card Pre-Code


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Bad Company, the 1931 Tay Garnett film noir underworld romantic crime thriller (“Marriage was her mistake!”; a wild story of a woman who, unknown to her, has a brother who made his money as a gangster, and she marries a man she thinks is an honorable lawyer, but actually, he is a mob lawyer, whose main client is a ruthless gangster; ultimately, she ends up killing her husband’s gangster boss because that is the only way they can begin a fresh life!) starring Helen Twelvetrees, Ricardo Cortez, John Garrick, Paul Hurst, and Harry Carey Sr. Note that Ricardo Cortez plays the ruthless gangster, and he is the most interesting part of the movie. The movie was released toward the end of 1931, and surely his performance was influenced by the performances of Edward G. Robinson in Little Caesar and James Cagney in The Public Enemy, both released earlier that year.
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