A Gentleman From Mississippi – Art by Rube Goldberg (1908) 32″ x 44″ US Theater Advertising Poster LB


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A Gentleman From Mississippi – Art by Rube Goldberg (1908) 32″ x 44″ US Theatre Advertising Poster LB

Artist: ANONYMOUS Printer: The Metropolitan Print Co., New York

In the early 20th century, it behooved American presidents to attend the theater?it was a testament to their cultural involvement and elevated taste. And when the president attended a show, it was cause for celebration. “And the news the next morning that the President has been at a certain theatre brings the fashionables who were not present that night to that show in the course of the week” (The Green Book Album, p. 830). But this also meant that the esteemed guest would become prime marketing material, as in this flyer for “A Gentleman from Mississippi”?a 1908 comedic play that was attended and laughed at by President Taft. Sketches by Reuben L. Goldberg (who also invented the Rube Goldberg machine) illustrate “How President Taft laughed at the comedy,” with proposed punch lines including, “If this is to be a fat man’s race, I’m liable to win on form.”
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